The Box of Facts
The Box of Facts is a collection of ready-to-use laminated cards designed to demonstrate the essential thinking strategies for number facts. This innovative kit helps all students, including those with limited English proficiency, to understand how and why thinking strategies work. Students build confidence as they use powerful visual models to develop fluency with the number facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
The Book of Facts
The Book of Facts provides a variety of engaging activities and games. They are organized into an easy-to-use teaching sequence designed to help students build fluency with number facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Fundamentals books
Fundamentals math games are an easy, fun way for students to develop computational fluency. These engaging activities help you differentiate instruction for any core math program. Help students make meaningful math connections before, during, and after each print or digital game.
Fundamentals online
Fundamentals is also offered as a stand-alone online resource and is also embedded at point of use within the ORIGO Stepping Stones 2.0 program. This digital option provides teachers with access to each game at all grade levels making it the perfect choice for differentiation.
ORIGOmath utilizes a wide range of visual models and appropriate practice to solidify foundational understanding and mastery in all aspects of computation. Each grade of the ORIGOmath program has a teacher sourcebook and a student journal. The teacher sourcebooks include a prerequisite checklist or pre-test, 12 units of 5 sessions, and assessment and recording options. The student journals have in-class and homework pages with related work printed back-to-back on one perforated page.
Figure It!
Designed to offer sequenced, grade-level appropriate math practice for summer school and math intervention programs, Figure It! is more than just meaningless drill. It features more than 60 self-correcting, fun math puzzles and riddles that challenge students to use and expand their computation skills to uncover each solution.
ORIGO Mathementals are filled with reproducible blackline masters and math games designed to help students develop a range of mental computation strategies using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
The Think Tanks
The Think Tanks provide ready-to-use opportunities for Grades 1-6 students to apply learning, foster thinking skills, and increase procedural fluency. Students engage in problem situations requiring them to reason mathematically and quantitively. The Think Tanks are organized into 12 sets of 20 English and Spanish cards in each box that increase in difficulty from one to the next to progress independence. Available in English and Spanish.
Student Thinking and Reasoning Tasks (STaRT) is an online suite of rich problems that engage learners deeply in the Standards for Mathematical Practice. The tasks challenge students to explain, analyze, and justify their thinking and are suitable for collaborative teams, partners, and individual work.
Zupelz ("zoo-pulls")
These carefully sequenced puzzles develop the logical thinking important to students’ number sense. Use this online tool to stimulate whole-class discussion, to provide collaborative opportunities for small groups, and to challenge individuals. Clues can be revealed during the problem-solving process to support learning. Zupelz gives access to all 600 puzzles across all grade levels.
ORIGO Big Books and Tools
ORIGO Big Books build on young students’ natural love for learning and stories to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These large-format storybooks develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding. ORIGO Big Book Tools bring to life characters and concepts from the books. These engaging and easy-to-use interactive tools make the most of young students’ enthusiasm for play and learning. The series is also supported by teacher’s notes, which offer a wide range of activities to help you reinforce and extend on new learning.

ORIGO Big Books and Tools provide:
– 12 books for each grade, Pre-K–2
– a language-rich approach to introduce and engage children with math concepts
– seamless use of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition to support key literacy skills
– inspiring teacher’s notes that include a variety of activities to accommodate all classrooms
– digital teaching tools that enhance 21st century learning

Available in English and Spanish
Mathematics for Young Minds
Mathematics for Young Minds is a collection of six teacher instruction activity books for Pre-K through to Grade 1. The series provides activities that are rich in concrete materials and language to expand and deepen conceptual knowledge. These activities, which include blackline masters, help young children in the initial reasoning processes of identifying and describing attributes, matching, sorting, comparing, measurement, and ordering.
Dominoes are ideal for strengthening knowledge through games and discussions. Students benefit greatly from exposure to these different visual representations of number.

Our dominoes suite includes:
– Double-nine dot dominoes set
– Five-and-ten-frame dominoes
– Word, symbol, and dot dominoes set
– A Little Book of Big Ideas (activities for double-nine dot dominoes)
– ORIGO Dominoes Activity Book (activities for word, symbol, and dot dominoes and five-and-ten-frame dominoes)
DecaCards is a classroom visual aid and teacher activity resource based on a familiar representation of ten fingers. The cards are designed to help young students see ten as 10 ones or 1 ten, and to further develop understanding of two-three-and four digit numbers.
Algebra for All
Algebra for All is a set of five books filled with teacher instructions and sequenced algebra activities for Grades 1–5. This series is the perfect companion resource for any mathematics curriculum or program you are currently using and is excellent for gifted and talented extension activities.
Sights, Sounds, and Symbols
Sights, Sounds, and Symbols is a professional learning resource that provides activities on the history of numbers and number systems. This resource was created and designed to deepen understanding of our Hindu-Arabic system by investigating many different concrete (sight), spoken (sound), and written (symbol) number systems, and examining past methods of calculating.
GEO Series
The GEO Series Grades 3–6 is a collection of four teacher activity books and metric paper for developing skills and understanding in geometry. The GEO Series is designed to help teachers make geometry an essential part of their mathematics curriculum and is perfect for STEM understanding of spatial relationships – making students more creative about how they look at structural objects.
Flare is designed as an online interactive whiteboard collection of mathematics teaching tools for Grades 1–6 which are easily customized to enhance math lessons you create for any math program. They can be used on a single computer or projected. Covering all major content areas, Flare is a flexible, easy-to-use resource that delivers an optimal whole-class or small-group teaching and learning experience.
Cubes and counters
Our blank foam cubes (20mm) are versatile, noise-free, safe, and easy to write on. Cubes can be moistened to adhere to any board. Ideal for use with theFundamentalsgames. Our circular, plastic, transparent counters (22 mm diameter x 1.6 mm thick) are designed for use with overhead projectors, in games, and in counting, sorting, grouping, and trading activities. Also, ideal for use with theFundamentalsgames.


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